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Yaguaron 1414 - Paysandú 1313 - Reyles 1616

About us

DIVAS is the largest adult entertainment project in Uruguay.

From the need of Uruguay and feel of breaking sexual taboos, ideological and cultural break down barriers, DIVAS is consolidated at the forefront of winning caption 70% of the market in Montevideo so far.

DIVAS philosophy is based on work to the full satisfaction of its customers through strong focus on professionalism, offering value above all, excellence in products and services and quality of its facilities as nobody knows it better.

Divas is highlighted by the vast experience and knowledge of adult entertainment, allowing yourself to be the leading provider of services and products in the business in Uruguay offering different options to fill all the needs of our customers, as are the DIVAS Sex Clubs "DIVAS Yaguaron 1414 "," Paysandú DIVAS 1313 "," 1616 Reyles DIVAS "and" Private Club DIVAS "(Holidays and stag / as)," divas sex shop "(sex toys & books)," DIVAS Tv ".

All DIVAS Sex Clubs are open 24 hours. 365 days a year in central location, we have the best women in the country, affordable, quality infrastructure, luxurious rooms, bar, TV, Sex Shop, AA, sex service delivery and private security.

Our organization has helped the development of adult entertainment in Uruguay in a differential and unique positioning as the first company DIVAS item in the market through the mode "Franchise" because of its successful experience, reliability and professionalism, providing the tranquility necessary for entrepreneurs who decide to invest and support the development of this area feel safe and supported.

Our Sex Clubs have the corresponding authorization by the IMM, Ministry of Public Health and Police Headquarters in the city of Montevideo, where the few who are lucky with this, a parameter that adds to the health guarantee for every customer can enjoy a safe and healthy environment.