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Paysandú 1313

The club Paysandú 1313 is a result of successful Divas, being the first brand franchise to open its doors in the city of Montevideo. 1313 crown Paysandú success philosophy Divas by proven business model that comes to offer the same quality standards in girls club, services, location and private security. Located in the downtown area of the capital, the club keeps its doors open 24 hours 365 days offering perfect location and infrastructure, with BAR, AA, the best girls in the middle, the best care and services, private security and sex shop and Club service of 12 years for those who want to be pampered in a special way.

Age 12 CLUB: Club for 12 years provides the ability to satisfy the whims of those who wish to spend a special time in a special environment and special products. This service is part of the Club Paysandú 1313 expecting a special area for satisfaction clientes.

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